Monday, March 17, 2008

Chris has a Ned

Chris now has a horse of his own - a lovely old thoroughbred gelding called Ned. He's great and enjoying being here. Chris lunges and then rides him both days in the weekend and they're both doing really well. Ned is awesome and knows his stuff which is great - they're both getting to know each other well. We got him from a friend of mine from Caelan's Playgroup, she didn't have the time for him anymore and felt sorry for him being wasted in the paddock with no friends. So he's here now with heaps of friends and loving it. Hopefully he'll put on condition like all these fatties here - all the other horses are very ROUND and full of themselves. So hopefully he'll put on condition before winter comes. So we now have six big horses up the front and nine little horses - not that they're in the paddock they're supposed to be. Buggers! They keep going through the ditch to the big horses paddock. What we're gonna do this weekend, is put them all in the paddock next to the house, put a fence up where the fuckers are getting through and give the front a chance to grow some new grass and they can all eat down this paddock. Then we'll put them in there once it's eaten down here.

The sheep are great - annoying but great! Code is really being a shit lately - he's taken to bunting me as well as Caelan. It's cause I always move them and bring them treats and when I don't have a treat for him he gets shitty about it. We've had a few fights but things are ok - so far. Shitty bloody ram!

We've still got fuckloads to do! It's so disheatening because the new baby will be here in about 6 weeks and we have to finish the painting and do heaps. Just so hard when the wee one around - just can't do the stuff we need to. ARGH! Wish we could put him in a cage for a day and do some work! LOL It's hard not having family around to send him to so we can get stuff done in the weekends. Ah well - hopefully it gets done. We've getting inundated with mice and rats again and have to do something about that this weekend - bastard things, I hate them!

Well here are some photos of choggy a week before we set him free and one of the swallows in the front doorway, along with some of Ned a couple of weeks after getting here.

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