Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Holy moly it's bin ages

It really has huh? Well we now have another human bubba (Siahn - a girl born in May) and many more four legged ones. We have 8 miniature horses, it's gone down, at the end of last year it was 12!!! We've got two more to sell (Spook and her GORGEOUS colt who was born in October I think) and then I SERIOUSLY need to work on some. I'm gonna break Valentine in for Siahn to start riding and Rudey as well and make sure that Butterscotch is ridden regularly again. Caelan was asking (begging!) to ride Butterscotch today but he'd been spewing all night and was super tired so I told him he could another day when he wasn't so grumpy and tired. He then told me in the sweetest, happiest sounding voice "Mama I'm not grumpy and tired at all". So cute, but it didn't change the fact that he'd been Mr Grumpy Arse all day and constantly complaining of tiredness and really not himself after mucho vomit and very littleo sleep. So another day it will be.

We now have 7 thoroughbreds - two of them aren't ours - Rocky and Cody are grazing here owned by a couple of girls who work at the trainer across the road. Though they're pretty much ours, they haven't visited them in a looooong time, probably six months for Rocky and longer for Cody. Annnnd Cody's owner hasn't paid us since fuck knows when. Meh. She assures me that she'll be catching up on Friday, yeah sure, heard it all before. Our ones are Maddy (sweet little Maddy who desperately needs to be gotten back into work and possibly sold - but we love her), Mickey (have been riding him and all was going well, though he's slightly lame at the moment due to stuffed hooves), Jimmy (lovely wee boy whose owners were going to send him off for "dog tucker" if he didn't find a home) - there's nothing wrong with him (well apart from having a HUUUUGE buck! hehe), Daisy (she's Sola's lovely girl that she doesn't have the time for in amongst all of her billions of others, so we're looking after her and Chris will ride her cause she's awesome and quiet) and lastly Dan (not good for racing, lovely boy though if not slightly jumpy and fiddlingly annoying!).

The sheep have gone up the road to a lady from Playgroup, she has 3 acres that she was going to get some sheep to keep it down. We just don't have the fencing for them and Code was bloody dangerous and very fuckin bunty. He had to be tethered all the time which wasn't nice for him or if he was off outside of the house paddock she had to be tethered to keep him from wandering out. They couldn't ever be off as they'd get through the fencing and wander, we already had the neighbours call once to let us know they were down the road. So rather than them be hit by a car we found them a new home. It was sad and I still miss them and get sad. Caelan asks if we're going to bring them home again and I'd love to! If we had the fencing I would in a heartbeat. When we visit them they still know my call and baaaaa crazily at me - it's lovely, but only makes it harder cause I want to bring them home :(

Will post some pics sometime soon.