Friday, May 2, 2008

The whole 22 acres are now usable!

This is a HUGE accomplishment for us and we're so proud! We can now use all paddocks - we've done the fencing in all the back and side paddocks that weren't able to be used until 2 weeks ago. It feels so good. One of them doesn't have a proper fence on one side, we just used electric fence tape while they were in there for the last week. It's been so good to have them in there, though as it's been ungrazed for so long and was so overgrown they really didn't have that much real grass. But we had them in there at a week at a time to eat it down so at least grass can start growing back and hopefully we'll get there in a couple more cycles. So the big horses are back up the top now, but only in one paddock rather than the whole four! We fixed the fencing down the side last weekend and put in a couple of fences that weren't there. We have electric fence tape over the raceway/gate type area to keep them in there. It's not electrified at the moment as up until this point we haven't had an energiser - BUT we do now! Bought on today. On credit card - ek, ah well it's needed. The 8 minis are currently on the driveway (and have been for the last week) to eat that down. We'll move them into the paddock with the big horses soon, maybe in a couple of days so the big ones get a good feed of the new grass first. Seeing as though wee ones don't need as much. It's feels great though to work it all properly. So we'll be moving them along the top paddocks as they run out of grass (fixing the fences in the next one in between as they all need to be fixed and have a small amount fenced that didn't have fence). Then they'll come back into the big paddock - which by then we will have split into 3 paddocks, move through them and then back into the back and side. WAHOOO!!!! We'll keep the driveway on the rotation for the minis to keep that down too. It's all feeling so good. Yay :) Dunno when we'll have time to do the next fencing with a toddler and newborn but we just have to find a way because I'm thinking the paddock they're in will only last a couple of weeks. So that's where we're at paddock wise and it's pretty damned cool!

This is Ned after a week or so of his new feeding.

My Mickey with his eeny weeny friend Belle.

All the horses in the huge paddock.