Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The farm

We move in two sleeps!!!! Hurrah! It's a horrid little rundown 2 bedroom shack on an awfully overgrown 22 acre farm - but we're soooooo excited. There's heaps of work to be done but we can't wait to get into it all and be there. To be out of the suburbs and living there is going to be heaven. Horray, no more loud neighbours hoiking constantly, no shouting (we currently have the loudest family in the world next door), no street-cats (with the most cats in the world!), no parties, no cars zooming down the road, no police helicopters and sirens. HORRAY! Just birds, horses and other animals, oh and the sweet sound of small planes overhead! haha Well you can't have everything right?! LOL We're not far from a small plane airport so we'll have to get used to the planes, Chris quite likes it and I'm sure Caelan will love looking up at them too. It'll just take some getting used to. Especially in the way of Caelan's sleeps! I don't mind them either, I'd rather have them than live in Panmure any day!

Yesterday Chris' Dad and Grandad went out there and painted the kitchen and lounge while we stayed in the ghetto and packed. I can't wait to see it - it'll look beautiful! They're wonderful and that was a huge help - you guys rock! Thanks so much. We're really looking forward to getting in and finishing the rest of the house!

Here are some photos taken last Saturday before the working bee on Caelan's room - thanks to the two Scott's and CJ!!!! You guys are wonderful :) Your help was soooo great, and CJ - thanks for the food, beer, wine, music and deodorant - all vital ingredients to hard work. Unfortuntely I didn't take many photos of inside as we were just too busy to be stuffin' around taking photos! The last one is a closeup of a section of the lounge wall, AFTER VIGOROUS SCRUBBING!!! And that's not even a bad part, there aren't any holes or anything in that part! hehe The whole inside is the most disgusting I've ever seen anything and took a whole lot of scrubbing - to not look much different after all that hard work and sweat (thanks CJ again!). But after painting Caelan's room it looks amazing - it didn't look like it should have been in that house.