Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spring is here and so are the lambs!

We have two orphan lambs and they're so cute. A coopworth ewe called Met and a coopworth suffolk X ram called Code, they littlies (only a week and a half old) and are having four feeds a day. They've settled in and are happy with their new home, well so it seems anyway. For now they have a temporary fenced off area around the woodshed, which is where they sleep at night. Once they're big enough not to get through the wires into the horses, where they would probably get trampled by all the silly colts, we can let them have the wole house paddock. When we're outside with them they're let out in the house paddock but pretty much hang with us and follow us inside whenever we go in.

My strange water saving tactics are now habit, though with summer being on it's way we're getting scared about water! I've measured the amount of water our washing machine uses for a full load on medium water level and it's a terrifying 100 litres!!! That's just fucking shocking! So what I've been doing is bucketing the last load of water which is used in the final rinse, rather than letting it go down the drain, then I put all that back into the washing machine for the first wash cycle of the next load. So I'm using 50 litres of water per load - which still gives me the shits!!! LOL So needless to say, whenever it's raining I do washing cause I feel ok about it, but of course this means it doesn't dry for a while cause it's raining! LOL Though I do still hang it up and just leave it there till it's dry. Better than letting it sit, waiting and eventually getting yuck smelling and having to wash it again huh?!?!

We now have eight ponies and miniature horses and two thoroughbreds and two lambs. Sooooo water will be scary in summer alright!

With winter and toodler :) we haven't been able to get much done. But that will all change now, hopefully!

Here's that photo of the post and rail fence we did ages ago. The bit of frame in the edge of the photo is for Caelan's plane swing, I'll post a photo of that once it's up too, at this stage it's just a frame.

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moggie said...

hey there, saffron! the 2nd shot of your little ones is just too cute. and very well taken too! looking forward to the photo of the swing and more soon. take care.